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Halim halim.gebrael at
Tue Jan 22 08:30:08 EST 2013

I tried to login directly after I got the error from yahoo web browser and
it works fine. 


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1362> &y=PROD_ACCT&page=content&id=SLN1362

Y! dont tell if the account block ir per IP address, so it seems if someone
wants to lock you out from your own account, it just have to send > 3
erroneous login attempts in last 24 hours.. is this right?


could you try to login with other clients and tell the result?

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On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 7:36 AM, Halim <halim.gebrael at> wrote:

Dear Support, 


I'm using libpurple API to connect some account to yahoo chat and getting
sometimes the following error: 


"Account locked: You have been logging in too frequently.  Wait a few
minutes before trying to connect again.  Logging into the Yahoo! website may


Would you please advise.


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,



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