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First of all I am aware of the fact that you probably get a lot of emails.
Only a few of these emails are worth the time to read- this is one of them.
My name is Kimberly, I work at Web-Pick, an internet holdings company which
is willing to pay lots of money for some premium traffic.
 I don’t have any intention of wasting your time; my company specializes in
Ebooks, file sharing , torrents sites and photos site
We’re constantly working with some of the biggest sites in the industry:,, 180upload, vidxden and more..

We do that whiteout harming ux or reduce traffic

I’m a 100% sure that you will find my offer very tempting and that I can
make a lot of money for your site. I would love to test run our products
and I will be happy to show you more examples of what it is exactly that we

I think the best way would be by using Skype, Can you tell me what’s your
Skype ID so he can add you directly?

Waiting to hear back.

Best regards,



Kimberly J.Sullins

Accounts Recruiter

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