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Luke Batey lbatey at
Tue Aug 5 15:14:33 EDT 2014

Hi guys,

Curious if you can help me out.  For certain Buddies, I'm receiving double messages (see attached).

I believe this is because they are tethering a AIM to a G+ (or possibly other) on their side.  I notice randomly google will request for me to authorize someone I already have included.   My own accounts (4 total) are AIM (2), G+ (1), and FB(1).

1)      What should I do to fix this issue without removing everyone and starting over

2)      How can I ensure I don't "double-add" a Buddy in the future?

Every time I try to fix this on my own on the user-side, I feel like it's a real "red-wire, blue-wire" scenario and I always guess wrong.


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