Virus and Malware city!!

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Tue Jul 22 15:03:44 EDT 2014

Thanks for someone noticing.

I found that I had probably bounced an Enter – or just glazed over trying to grab pidgin –
and was snagged by the FLV Mplayer virus - -I also caught the beginnings of the Conduit virus.

You might want to post this reference for other victims:

I followed that procedure carefully, even when it seemed kind of redundant,
and my machine is now virus free according to 3 different tools.
Now to somehow keep our IT Department from reformatting my machine – geezsh!

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On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 2:07 PM, Barrett, William (Bill) <wbarrett at<mailto:wbarrett at>> wrote:

Your corner of SourceForge is ridden with malware installers installers.

If this is not the intention of the majority of pidgin contributors
then I’d suggest you move on and/or complain.

I’m an hour in and still trying to undo the damage received from downloading pidgin.

Note – this was not the case 4 years ago – when I last grabbed it.

There's nothing in the Pidgin installer except what we have packaged (Pidgin and its dependencies).
What makes you think otherwise?
What "damage" have you seen from downloading Pidgin?

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