YM alias keeps returning to login-ID

Aaron Weber aaron.weber11 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 11:11:20 EDT 2014

Sorry I didn't find a way to search the support-list archives, I'm sure
this has been asked before...

I logged in successfully to my Yahoo account, but want to force all my IM's
to use one of my Yahoo aliases (not the default login/uid).

I tried Accounts -> Yahoo... -> Activate ID
(And selected the desired ID.)

This seems to work if I send an IM immediately to a contact.  But it then
reverts to the login account ID almost right away (contact gets a new chat
window popping-up with the other ID from me).  Going back to the same
"Activate ID" window, sure-enough, pidgin has reverted to the original ID.

Is there a way to make this ID "activation" permanent in pidgin client?

Using Windows v2.10.9.

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