Help with creating accounts

David Woolley forums at
Tue Jun 17 17:31:16 EDT 2014

On 17/06/14 09:10, Angela wrote:
> Hi I tried to add my account
> mishkila73 and I tried to create mishkila74

On which service?

> both appear to be unauthorized,....and a friend of mine created
> trident50. For some reason we are appearing unavailable.
> Are we doing something wrong when we created our accounts?

Probably, but we have no idea what service you are using and almost 
certainly no-one on the list will have any control over that service. 
If you provide the debug log, as plain text, someone may be able to 
guess what the service is and give some clues as to what may be wrong.

If this is for business use, contact your IT department.

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