Dear Pidgin,

Klearchos-Angelos Gkountras kag at
Wed Jun 18 14:28:20 EDT 2014

Hi , Sarah ,

Please reply to all recipents and not me

this is public  support mailing list ... it *means* that we are users
that and not delopers ..

Maybe google stop supporting to use the protocol of xmpp(=jabber) that
uses from pidgin ... Personally I dont have problem from other xmpp
account .. ( I dont use gtalk or google products)

So better blame Google ..

On 06/18/2014 08:48 PM, Sarah Rebecca wrote:
> How do you get your SSL back if you accidentally deleted your gmail host?
> I couldn't figure out how to get off the record to work, then I realized I was using the regular windows version and not the plugin for pidgin.
> Now I'm having a hard time finding the host again, and keep getting a proxy error.
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