keeps crashing

David Woolley forums at
Sun Jun 22 07:54:52 EDT 2014

On 22/06/14 10:57, SmirGelScott . wrote:
> How do I fix this crashing issue I've? it can happen 2-10 times a day
> depends..

See <> for how to 
collect the information required.  As a general principle, the service 
being used and the operating system are important pieces of information.

If a problem is not reported on <>, you 
will normally need to provide detailed information.

> I'm running the latest version of pidgin.

The latest version is 2.10.9.  It is generally advisable to be specific, 

* people often get software indirectly, e.g. as packages, which may be 
out of date;

* someone searching the list archive in the future, will not know which 
version was latest at the time of the report.

Note this is a public mailing list, archived in many places, so do not 
post any sensitive data.

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