Yahoo "Connection Refused" Win 7 Pidgin 2.10.6 AND 2.10.9

Matthias Apitz guru at
Sat Jun 28 01:39:11 EDT 2014

El día Friday, June 27, 2014 a las 04:35:17PM -0600, Paul Suliin escribió:

>    I am getting "Unable to connect. Connection refused" errors when
>    attempting to log in to Yahoo.Â
>    I am running Windows 7.Â
>    This is a new problem. Yesterday was fine.Â
>    I was running Pidgin 2.10.6, then upgraded to 2.10.9 hoping to fix the
>    problem. The problem continues.
>    This does not appear to be an account issue. The issue occurs on
>    multiple Yahoo accounts with Pidgin but does not happen with Yahoo's
>    Web Messenger. I am also able to log in to my email without a hitch.

Looks like a local firewall issue, either in your Win7 itself, or your
local red.


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