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Wed Mar 19 05:03:02 EDT 2014

On 19/03/14 08:24, Richard Lam wrote:
> Dear Pidgin,

This is a peer support mailing list.
> Is there a server system avaliable and can  administration look into all messages. This system will be used for a school.

Pidgin is intended for use with, typically pre-existing, third party 
server systems, of many different kinds.  You will need to contact the 
supplier of the system you intend to use.

Most people setting up internal servers use XMPP based servers. As far 
as I know, XMPP doesn't provide end to end encryption.

Pidgin also supports Apple's Bonjour protocol, on a single broadcast 
area.  That doesn't use servers.  I don't know what security features it 
has, and therefore if it is possible to monitor.  However, if it does 
provide encryption, it will be intrinsically end to end.

I assume that your requirement is that the system be insecure as far as 
the teachers are concerned.  There are, I believe, Pidgin plugins that 
try to make such systems end to end secure, but you would see the 
resulting encrypted data, even if you couldn't decipher it.

There are generally a lot more questions on this list from people trying 
to prevent intelligence gathering by central authorities, than trying to 
allow it, although the financial services industry does have that sort 
of requirement.

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