Help with Lync Online Office 365..

David Woolley forums at
Thu May 22 02:16:35 EDT 2014

On 22/05/14 05:25, Basheer Isfahan Syed wrote:
> Hello Team,

There isn't a team; this is a peer support public mailing list.

> We are using office 365 Lync online.. we have tried all the options Lync
> doesn’t work.. Is there any suggestions?
> I have already followed below instruction given in this link

That document says it uses SIPE.  The first sentence on the page 
referenced for that <> says that it is a 
third party plugin.  This list does not support third party plugins. 
There appears to be a fairly active support forum at

Also, it is worth noting that most of the Pidgin developers (I am not 
one of them) are not great fans of Microsoft, so support for all things 
Microsoft doesn't get a lot of priority.  It is almost certain that none 
of the developers has Lync experience, and quite possible that no-one 
reading the list has ever connected Pidgin to Lync.

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