AIM users seeing me as offline

Ryan Gioia kelpplankton at
Tue May 27 19:57:06 EDT 2014

I'm using a gtalk account to communicate with AIM users.  For some reason,
at random, it will change my status to offline on their end of things and
won't give me any sort of notification that it's done so.  If I log out and
log back in, the status is fixed.

I can't figure out how to prevent it.  I've noticed if I sign out elsewhere
on that same account, the offline notification pops up and I'm shown as
offline everywhere until I log back on again on any account (if currently
online, signing out and back in fixes it).  But it also happens without me
doing anything involving this or any other chat accounts anywhere.

I don't know if this is a Pidgin issue, but it hasn't occurred in other
clients.  It makes it very difficult to talk to people if they see me as
offline when I don't realize they do- there's been a few people who have
gotten upset because they think I'm trying to avoid them or have blocked
them, and it's no good.
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