How can I see group name for user in conversation window?

Кочанов Иван kia at
Wed Oct 8 21:09:49 EDT 2014

I use Pidgin together with Openfire (jabber) for IM inside my 
organization. Each group is representation for department. Now I have 20 
groups and 350 users.
The problem is that I have users with identical Name in different groups 
(users - registry1, room1 and so on) and when they write me, I cant see 
usergroup. In that case I watch for username and correlate it with 
group. For users it's impossible.
Is there some way (plugin,hack or whatever) to show user group in 
conversation window?


I understand I can use complex Name ("Registry1 Dep1", "Registry1 Dep2") 
, but this solution is not what I want as it duplicates information and 
makes buddylist not readable.
Thanks in advance.

Ivan Kochanov
System administrator
Altai Regional Diagnostic Center

mailto:kia at

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