Compiling from source without '-g' in CFLAGS?

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Wed Oct 22 14:24:44 EDT 2014



I do not want a debug build, but I am unable to compile Pidgin without
-g in CFLAGS. 

I need a small binary with no debugging symbols. 

If I run ./configure without passing the CFLAGS environment variable, I
get the following CFLAGS in the Makefile: 

CFLAGS = -g -g -O2 

(I get two -g flags!) 

If I run the configure script like this: 

CFLAGS="-O2" CXXFLAGS="-O2" ./configure --disable-nm (specifying CFLAGS

I get the following in Makefile: 

CFLAGS = -g -O2 

This time the -g flag is only one, but it's still there! I still get
debugging symbols when I don't need them. 

I want my CFLAGS to contain no -g flag at all! 

How do I accomplish this? 

Thank you! 


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