Digital Certificate Invalid! Pidgin 2.10.10 win32installer

Doctor Who who_doctor at
Fri Oct 24 16:57:19 EDT 2014


I just received notification through pidgin that a new version is available. However, once downloaded I noticed the the digital certificate is NOT valid! Has the server been compromised?

Also, I tried signing up for an account on the website last week. And I never receved a confirmation email. But while my browser was still caching my signup info I could access my preferences etc.. I kept clicking resend confirmation email. But never received anything.

Once I restarted, the site asked for my login which now does not work. When I try to reset the password I never receive the password reset email. But when I try to create another account, assuming it did not go through the first time, I am informed that an account for my email already exists. So I seem to be stuck in limbo. Is the website broken? What's going on?

Can anyone help me out here? My reason for wanting an account was to post a bug. There is no other contact info or way to get anyone's attention on the website. So I figured I would give the mailing list a try.

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