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Patrick Winn patrick.winn at
Tue Oct 28 16:43:48 EDT 2014

Daniel Atallah <datallah <at>> writes:

> On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 9:53 AM, BRIAN GIBSON <BRIAN.GIBSON <at>> wrote:>> Good Morning,>> If you support Chatter IM? Their web 
version doesn’t always get noticed when a message comes in and their desktop 
version is a pretty large memory hog. We also use other IM products so 
having them all in one would be nice but didn’t see Chatter listed.
> >
> Assuming you're talking about SalesForce Chatter, no that's not 
supported.It also doesn't appear use any sort of standard protocol (e.g. 
XMPP) that would allow it to work with Pidgin without separate explicit 
> -D

Salesforce does have a Java api to allow clients to be written which could
tap into their feeds. I believe it was to allow one to create mobile and
other apps that could talk "chatter". I haven't read the specs on adding a 
third party plugin to add support for another protocol, so I'm not sure how
or if the chatter api would/could be used to create a plugin. As a developer
myself though, I would think that if all else failed, one could write a few 
wrapper classes that would act as a bridge/proxy between pidgin and the 
chatter restful services which are exposed in the chatter api. No?

They also now have api's in Ruby/Rails, Javascript, JQuery, iOS..

..and code samples..

I also would think that the api living under a BSD 2 clause license
should be acceptable with the pidgin folks since it's fully open
and re-distributable. So IF one was developed they shouldn't feel the
desire to toss the plugin over licensing issues.

Just a thought..and I'm surprised that I'm not seeing that anyone has
tried something like that yet?


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