Query regarding creating buddy pounces - URGENT

B Ravi Shankar b.ravishankar79 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 13:33:00 EDT 2014

Hello tech tech team

I have got into a unique issue and I can't find answer to my problem in any
of your forums, faqs or help discussions.
When I create the pounce and add an id, the buddy id is not completely
visible in the drop down list as the length of the string is too long to
fit into the width of the drop-down list box and hence it goes out of view.
To make the matter worse, there is no tool-tip either which would show what
that chat id is. And also there is no horizontal scroll bar either which
will help me scroll to the right and view the complete id.

To explain my problem better, I have attached the screen shot of my screen
which highlights the issue.

A Pidgin user and fan:(
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