Buddies show as Available even when logged off

Tedmond Lee tedmondl at stanford.edu
Wed Sep 24 10:51:13 EDT 2014



I am contacting you from Stanford University's School of Medicine. Many of
us are using Pidgin as our chat client and while many of us may have
different versions, most of us are on 2.10.9. Recently we have been seeing
an issue where people are logged off Pidgin but still show as On and
Available in Buddy Lists. We are using the XMPP protocol. I am not sure
what other information would be helpful to you but this has become an
issue as of late due to people trying to message people who are not even
logged in for information.


Tedmond Lee
Information Systems Analyst
Information Resources and Technology (IRT)
Email - tedmondl at stanford.edu

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