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Klearchos-Angelos Gkountras kag at grrlz.net
Tue Sep 30 10:05:22 EDT 2014

sorry i cant help you because i am not windows user
In this mailing list all are users of pidgin and also , some of this
list are developers of the list :)

On 09/30/2014 01:00 PM, Mikael Svensson wrote:
> Hi!
> My name is Mikael and i am a user of pidgin. I have just gotten a new computer (windows 8) and cant find where to fix te popup problem. On windows 7 i got the popups but now i cant get them. All that happens is that pidgin flashes a bit telling me theres a new conversation, but i will and have missed this a few times already.
> Please get back to me how i can, on windows 8, do so i get popups when there’s a new conversation.
> Best reguards
> Mikael Svensson
> mikael.svensson at packbud.com
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