setup issue

Balázs Nagy balaazs.nagy at
Fri Apr 3 09:10:26 EDT 2015

Dear Support,

Please help me, I can't log in into my google
talk/hangouts/whateveritscurrentname acc with Pidgin.

What I have already tried but with no success at all:

- this:
- advanced tab, encryption: tried to set to "mandatory encryption",
"use encryption if can" and "use old version SSL" options (sorry for
the improper names :) )
- set and unset server manually the
- tried the 5222 and 5223 ports
- DNS is good, DNS querys give back the proper names
- in my google acc I have enabled the less secure app access

I have tried all combination of the above, and ran out of ideas.
I would thank for every meaningful comment.


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