Permanently disable pigin logging in ubuntu

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Wed Apr 8 11:14:16 EDT 2015

Hi Mathew,

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On Wed, 8 Apr 2015 17:58:04 +0530
Mathew M <87mathew87 at> wrote:

>  Hi,
>  I need to install pidgin like, nobody able to enable "logging chat" in
>  pidgin. Can you please help me on this. If there any special setup pidgin
>  for this. I'm using ubuntu.

This is not possible to do in a guaranteed manner, because a user is always
able to install a pidgin source or binary under their home directory and use
that and log the chats to their hearts' contents. One measure you can try,
which, like I said, would not be too hard to overcome, is to install a version
of Pidgin that was patched (see
) to have this functionality disabled. But why do you need this?


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