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I am not an IT person.  I found Pidgin while trying to find a good
messenger service for my small business.  I think Pidgin is not what I am
looking for as it appears from the FAQ's page that this is for programmers
(although I can easily be mistaken).  One of my employees is visually
impaired.  So I need a messenger for my office that pops up a big window in
front of any currently running windows when a new message is received
(Windows 7).  Preferably one that will also work on Linux because when we
absolutely have to upgrade from Windows 7, I will not go to Windows 10.

I was hoping I could throw it out to you and see if anyone can help me.

I tried Viber based on a review, but it didn't pop up on our pc's.  After
their tech support did not respond for over a week, I deleted it and
started looking again.  (I did get a response two weeks later but I had
already deleted everything).  I currently have Skype but it is not popping
up (although it did a couple of times, it stopped) even though the setting
in Skype is compact and I did whatever I needed to do in Chrome to make it
work.  Also, the pop up is too small - little box on bottom right of screen.

So if any of you computer guys (and gals) are willing to give suggestions,
it is much appreciated.


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