Alert button.

Michael McConville mmcco at
Sat Dec 12 16:31:02 EST 2015

Mark Rak wrote:
> > Mark Rak wrote:
> > > Hello! I'm using XMPP account from with Pidgin and with OTR
> > > plugin. When I try to use "Alert"/"ATTENTION" button to get an
> > > attention of the person I'm chatting to, the programm just sends the
> > > notification back to me and the person doesn't see or hear anything.
> > > And I was going to use pidgin to chat with my co-workers but now I
> > > can't do it because there's no "attention" function anymore. Please
> > > tell me how to fix this issue maybe there should be some special
> > > settings for the server.
> > 
> > I'm pretty sure the server software needs to support this feature. It
> > sounds like yours may not.
> And please tell me what should be done to fix it?

I'm assuming that you don't administrate In that case, your
options are:

 * find a public XMPP server that supports alert/attention

 * run your own XMPP server with software that supports attention

Assuming, of course, that the server is the issue. I'm not sure that
that's the case.

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