Can't log in to Facebook or Google Talk

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Sun Dec 20 10:00:13 EST 2015

What about the Google Talk problem?

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>To connect to Facebook, you need to add the purple-facebook plugin. 
> The XMPP Protocol doesn't 
>work anymore on Facebook.
>20.12.2015, 18:51, "Ben Frey" <freybenj at>:
>>I successfully set up Pidgin on my laptop and desktop (both Windows 
>>10) at home in Michigan. I'm currently at my in-laws' in Atlanta, and 
>>I can only connect to AIM. Google Chat says "unable to connect" to 
>> due to a timeout, and Facebook says the 
>>same thing, except the timeout is connecting to 
>> I've tried resetting my app password for 
>>Facebook, but no luck. What else can I try?,
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