Can't connect to Google Talk (Gmail or Apps account) with Pidgin

Rudie Dirkx rudie at
Tue Dec 22 16:12:19 EST 2015

I've tried XMPP and Google Talk as protocol. Neither can connect. I
abhor Gmail's chat client, or Chrome's chat extension. Pidgin used to
work (even a few weeks ago, but I re-installed Windows). On one
occasion I got an email from Google about stopped external client
access because of outdated security stuffs, but that was only once,
and I've tried a dozen times the last days.

I have a Gmail account, which can't connect, and a Google Apps
account, which also can't connect. Both work fine with the Chrome
GTalk extension, but I hate that.

I've read and followed but no

Anyone had and solved this problem? Many thanks.

Rudie Dirkx

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