Need to see all buddies in a single window in different tabs

Dave Warren davew at
Tue Dec 22 22:35:03 EST 2015

It looks like you have tabs enabled, but placed on the left. Go to Tools 
--> Preferences --> Interface, look for the Tabs section, find 
"Placement" and change it to "Top", see if this does what you want?

Also, are you aware that this is a volunteer support mailing list for an 
open-source software project (Pidgin), not Oracle tech support? What led 
you to ask here instead? It's a common mistake among Oracle employees.

Dave Warren

On 2015-12-22 19:22, Shilpa Garg wrote:
> Hi,
> This is how I see the screen, when chatting with different buddies at 
> the same time-
> I do not want the left scroll bars, instead I want to see all the 
> buddies in the above window as different tabs.Please let me know the 
> setup for the same.My pidgin version is *Pidgin 2.10.11*(libpurple 
> 2.10.11) e38a9aa5b1f8.

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