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On Fri, 27 Feb 2015 09:58:58 -0700
Nate Jensen <herrimancoder at> wrote:

> Google just shut down the google talk windows client infrastructure and I
> hate using the gmail web client for my chats. I’ve been scrambling all
> morning to find a chat client that will connect with my google chat peeps. So
> far NOTHING has worked, and I’m not sure if it’s because google shut down
> Google Talk windows client, or whether I’m just configuring this wrong.
> (chats through gmail web client still works fine)
> I know I’m entering my gmail username and password correctly, but all config
> beyond that has contradictory (and super old) info listed out there. Is there
> a known successful set of configs for pidgin to work with Google? 

First of all, make sure you are using pidgin-2.10.11 and not earlier version
which have bugs.

> For example:
> - Protocol – XMPP?

You can select the Google Talk protocol preset in recent versions of Pidgin.

Then enter your username and domain (if it's not

> - Resource??

A resource is an XMPP specific thing that allows one to use several clients
for the same account.

> - Connection security -  (Require encryption? Use encryption if available?
> use old-style SSL?)
> - Connect Port??
> - Connect Server –

You don't need to set all of these settings with the "Google Talk" preset.

I've now tried to connect to my account this way on a new UNIX user, and it

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