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Hi Dale,

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Dale <sause.dale at> wrote:

> Good Morning, I have been using Pidgin flawlessly for months, and for 
> some reason.. it stopped working.  completely.  I have removed it and 
> reinstalled. Everytime I start the program the chat box loads up (as in 
> the boarder)  And then it crashes.  Everytime. I am not sure what to do 
> to resolve this.  I am a newbie when it comes to linux so not sure how 
> to submit a crash log if thats what you need. thank you.

To submit a crash report run from the command line «gdb /usr/bin/pidgin» and
type «r» (for "run"). After the crash you'll be prompted to install many debug
packages with a command, so run it to install them. Then run
«gdb /usr/bin/pidgin» again, type «r» and wait for the crash and then type: 
«thread apply all bt full» and press enter a few times and send us the contents
of the output.

Also see:

Some other things to try:

1. Does the crash happen with pidgin in a new UNIX user account?

2. Does it happen on a minimalistic WM such as ?

3. Does it happen in a new user in a minimalistic WM?


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