Linux Mint 17.1

info at info at
Thu Jan 8 04:44:23 EST 2015

Dear Support.

I was running pidgin 2.10.9
I've tried to apply the Pigdin PPA Package directly from the website  
and it told me, that my OS (Linux Mint 17.1) is not supported yet.

"While LinuxMint is supported by the Pidgin PPA, you are running  
version 17.1, which is not.

If this is an old version of LinuxMint, it's probably reached its  
end-of-life.  If it's a new version, please use the support at  
mailing list to ask for an update to the pidgin-ppa package"

Then I did this: add-apt-repository ppa:pidgin-developers/ppa
and it worked, apt-get update & upgrade worked, but instead of version  
2.10.11 i have now 2.10.10.
Is version 2.10.11 officially avaiable or not?


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