Adding Your Existing Mxit Account

Dave Warren davew at
Tue Jan 27 02:49:21 EST 2015

On 2015-01-26 22:57, desiree012 at wrote:
> Morning, this is rediculous service, I've registerd twice on mxit, loaded two different accounts and picked up viruses from your side, and by reloading mixit yous tell me you can,t find my information? This is costing me money every time ,I can,t keep on loading different I'd,s to keep on playing the games, please sort it out, my mxit game name is muskerteer,

With all respect, I believe you're a bit confused as to who you're 
contacting here. Pidgin is a chat software and has nothing to do with 
MXit, aside from MXit providing a plug-in for Pidgin (which itself is 
not supported here).

There are no pidgin accounts, pidgin is free and open source and does 
not require any payment. There are no viruses or other malware involved.

You'll probably have better luck contacting MXit directly, or following 
up via whatever payment channel you used.

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