Pidgin down

Victor Carrington victorcarrington at
Thu Jan 29 11:22:29 EST 2015

for the past 5-10 days my pidgin will not load.  I get general message
window "pidigin has stopped working.  windows is checking for a
solution."  I have tried uninstalling, clearing my cache and registry
and then reinstalling several times with no luck.  I would like to
keep the personal settings if possible, perhaps I should backup and
removed those from their location then reinstall?

Please note this is also happening on 2 computers.  I know of no
changes to both computer other than potentially a windows update or
perhaps a skype update which might relate to pidgin.  If you know of a
trend in this issue among users please let me know.  If possible
please advise on steps to fix this.  I realize it is a general
description but if directed I could create a diagnostic file which may
help you?

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