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Paul Brockett pwbrockett at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 11:14:24 EDT 2015


I am having an issue connecting to Facebook, I am getting the following 
message when I attempt to log in...

pwbrockett at chat.facebook.com/ disconnected
Server closed the connection

Your online page has not been any help also and I quote...

      How do I configure my Facebook Chat account?

If you have set up a Facebook username, your Facebook username is your 
account username, and chat.facebook.com is the domain. If you have not, 
things may be more complicated. Fortunately, Facebook has a page which 
gives you all the information you need!

Make sure you are logged into Facebook, and then load this URL: ‚Äč 

Click the "Pidgin" link, and you will be presented with step-by-step 
instructions, with your Facebook username identified.

I have entered the correct ID and password plus the domain information 
listed above.  when I click on the above link all I get is the online 
chat from Facebook, showing my previous conversations....unable to 
locate the "pidgin" link anywhere on the page....apparently the page 
address you are trying to refer me to is incorrect or has been changed 

will you please provide the proper facebook page so i can set the pidgin 
up correctly for facebook ..


Paul Brockett

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