Pidgin: SSL Handshake Failed

Kevin Kretz kevin at
Wed Jul 22 13:32:22 EDT 2015

I started getting that same error on some of my linux desktops a few days ago.  I tracked it down to a mozilla-nss update that seems to have broken pidgin SSL connections to OpenFire XMPP server.

We're using pidgin-2.10.10 but recompiling 2.10.11 from source still has the problem.  Forcing pidgin to use gnutls library instead is a workaround. 

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I've recently downloaded Tails 1.4.1, and whenever I try to connect to the Tails chat ' c3ll3 at ' I get the message SSL Handshake Failed, or ERROR: Closing Link (No more connections permitted from your host). 

I would really appreciate any help at all. 

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