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On a mixed Mac-PC network, with Macs using Messages (iChat) or sAdium and PCs using Pidgin, a configuration that’s worked problem-free for a couple of years, recently all the PC users started losing their buddy list entries by mid-day, every day.  When first turned on in the morning, all online computers, Macs and PCs, are in the list, but over a period of several hours they disappear, either in groups or all at once.  This happens simultaneously on all the PCs; they all show the same buddy list, whether complete or not. The PCs disappear from the Mac users’  buddy lists as they lose their own lists, and the PCs even disappear from the other PCs’ buddy lists.  Restarting Pidgin or the PCs doesn’t help, but when the PCs are turned on the next morning their buddy lists start out fully-populated again.

Anybody seen this before, or have any ideas on what could be causing it ?

[This is a shorter version of a question posed a month or so ago that got no responses; hoping for better results with a shorter post this time!]



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