Pidgin for Smartphone

Michael McConville mmcconville at
Wed Jul 29 11:58:51 EDT 2015

Matthias Apitz wrote:
> May I add to the question, if there is work in progress for a Pidgin
> app for the BQ E4.5 Ubuntu phone? The problem for sure would be the
> lack of a X11 server (it is running a Mir server), and other
> infrastructure....

There definitely isn't any active work happening for Ubuntu phone (or
any smartphone, to my knowledge). If you want to look into it, that'd be
awesome, of course.

I've never tried running libpurple on a smartphone. Getting it working
on Android was a Google Summer of Code project recently, I think. I've
been told that it may be too resource-demanding. Aside from that, it has
a lot of dependencies, so getting it built and running would be a lot of
work. Don't take my word for it, though.

If I recall correctly, Eion has played with HTTP data proxying between a
phone client and libpurple running on a server.

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