Not getting password reminder?

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Tue Jun 2 14:55:17 EDT 2015

Hi Adrien Rivard! I'm answering your msg dated 12:29 PM 6/2/2015:
>It worked for me after a few minutes , are you sure you used the 
>good email address ?

Oh crap :) The last time I actually looked into this was when I 
changed my email address somewhile back, and given it must be Dummy 
Day for me, I totally forgot I'd changed it :) :) My email client 
happens to be configured to show a limited set of headers (by my 
choice) and MY address is not one of the ones I show. HUGE DUH!!

But wait! The OLD address is apparently still somehow subscribed 
since I get list messages to it. However, looking into the headers of 
the first one in this thread, I see BOTH addresses--it is somehow 
being redirected from OLD address and delivered to NEW address, 
although I'll be darned if I see how or where that is happening. OLD 
address as noted, doesn't work for me on the support site, and NEW 
address does. I also just sent two test emails, one each from NEW and 
OLD addresses to the list address, but so far only OLD address has 
come in and NEW address has apparently vanished into a dark hole, not 
even a bounce has come back. AND, the password reminder email I'd 
requested, as noted only seeing it when I was logged in with NEW 
address, just came in to NEW address.

This is really really strange.

who is sending this from OLD address since it does at least appear to 
work for the list if not the support site.

>On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 5:50 PM, EPPack 
><< at> at> wrote:
>I needed to change something on my subscription to this list, but 
>when I clicked on the link at the bottom of every email ( 
> where it says to 
>unsubscribe (and makes other changes too) I realized I had forgotten 
>the password. I went to the password reminder link, which comes up 
>just fine and asked for the reminder, and it says it sent a reminder 
>email to my list address but it never arrives. It's definitely not 
>in spam either.
>What am I doing wrong?? :(
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