Please help me Pidgin is not working

David Woolley forums at
Sat Jun 6 08:06:08 EDT 2015

On 06/06/15 06:03, Venkata kishore Battala wrote:

As already noted, there is insufficient information to allow anyone on 
the public list to help you.

Moreover, most such questions from oracle email addresses appear to 
relate to a private instant messaging server run by Oracle.  We have no 
knowledge of that server, but for a normal medium to large business, it 
would be managed by the IT department of the business.

Given the large number of inappropriate requests on this mailing list 
from Oracle, when you find the correct people, please explain to them 
why you went to the wrong place and suggest how they could avoid that in 

Also point out to that these questions give the impression that there is 
a low level of computer literacy amongst Oracle employees.

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