Post Removal (Cache)

David Woolley forums at
Mon Jun 8 04:52:20 EDT 2015

On 08/06/15 06:29, Dave Warren wrote:
> As a rule, you can't. Even if it was removed, there are multiple public
> and private archives of this list, many/most/all of which have a policy
> to maintain an ongoing permanent record.

This is covered in the FAQ: 

I would add that some mailing list archives simply subscribe to the list 
and don't mirror the primary archive site.  In fact some original sites 
would consider it a violation of database copyrights to mirror them.

Note that by posting to the list, as well as its owner, you are simply 
compounding the problem.

Note I'm only a list user, so have no power to implement your request, 
or change the policy on this.

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