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Hi all,

On Thu, 11 Jun 2015 08:58:41 +0000
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> Tried to log in this morning.
> Gave an option to re-enable. Clicked on it and northing.
> Now shows available status but only offline messages can be sent.
> Any suggestions?

seeing another question with inadequate information on this mailing list got me
thinking that perhaps we should create a page on the Pidgin wiki about "How to
ask a question about Pidgin?". I.e:

1. Include system info (OS , distribution, CPU arch, Pidgin version, etc.).

2. Include the logs (+ how to get them).

3. Which protocol.

4. Which errors do you get.

5. Refer to .

6. More.

Does such a page exist? If not, who'd like to help with creating it?


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