can't connect to msn

Brian Morrison bdm at
Tue Mar 3 14:33:05 EST 2015

On Tue, 3 Mar 2015 18:33:07 +0100
Arnauld Bordes wrote:

> I just installed pidgin 2.10.11 on my windows pc. I can connect to
> skype, facebook, gtalk, but can"t succeed to connect to msn...any
> suggestions welcome. I double checked user and password, and they are
> fine.

Microsoft has been gradually turning off MSN for some time, it seems
that now there are no servers left that Pidgin is able to connect to
any more. Microsoft has migrated MSN users to Skype, Pidgin does not
support Skype messaging so cannot be used for this purpose.

Cc'd to you in case you are not monitoring the list, please reply to
the list address.


Brian Morrison

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