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Murray Crane Murray.Crane at
Thu Mar 19 12:52:46 EDT 2015

Apologies if this has be asked/answered before, I didn't try an
exhaustive search of the mailing list.
In terms of the conversation logging, which stanza's are considered part
of a conversation by Pidgin? We have Pidgin connecting to Prosody IM,
with mod_log_message_sql running on the server. For one of my
conversations with a colleague that my Pidgin logs say is all one
conversation, I noticed that there are two enteries with "NULL" resource
(which I had inferred to mean "hey! New conversation starting here!").
The two entries are just two seconds apart, so am I correct in
guessing/inferring that Pidgin says "same conversation" when it comes to
it's own logs?
(In case anyone is wondering, I'm attempting to make the
mod_log_message_sql "output" look like the Pidgin logs with some PHP
magic for the managers here, so as not to scare them too much...)
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