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Sun May 17 08:38:03 EDT 2015

On 17/05/15 13:30, paolo p wrote:
> If I messed up blocking the number, the provider can't help me. How can
> I access Pidgin to manually unblock it? I just need to log in to Pidgin
> and unblock the number. However, I don't remember the  password and
> username I used. Is there a way to retrieve them?

There is no list of blocked numbers within Pidgin.  No password is 
needed to access Pidgin.  Any list of blocked numbers will be held by 
your instant messaging provider.  Any password will be checked by your 
instant messaging provider, not by Pidgin (and a good provider will 
store the password in a way in which it takes excessively long to work 
out the original password.

People here have absolutely no access to either.

(Would someone else like to try to explain this, as I seem to be going 
round in circles.)

> 2015-05-17 14:20 GMT+02:00 David Woolley <forums at david-woolley.me.uk
> <mailto:forums at david-woolley.me.uk>>:
>     On 17/05/15 13:15, paolo p wrote:
>         Could you at least send me  the username and the password
>         related to my
>         number? Thank you
>     Nobody on this public mailing list has access to them.  Only your IM
>     service provider might have access to them, although it is possible
>     that they scramble the password such that all they could do is
>     allocate a new password.
>     Pidgin is a program that can access many different IM services.  It
>     doesn't provide the actual services, which pare provided by people
>     like Google, AOL and many employers.  We have no idea who is
>     providing your service, and even if we did, we have less power to
>     make them do what you want done that you have yourself.  In fact we
>     probably have no power to do so.
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