Can't download Pidgin for Windows

David Woolley forums at
Sat Apr 9 05:15:47 EDT 2016

On 09/04/16 01:17, Knut Storvik wrote:
> Every time I try to download Pidgin for Windows, the download stops with
> a message about «The signature of «file» is damaged or not valid».
> Both main site and mirrors.
> What is wrong with the signature?

See <>.  You may want to add a 
me too.  It is strange that there have been no other reports, which 
suggests that people simply disregard Windows Smartscreen warnings as a 
matter of course!

This site 
reports that a file with that name and SHA256 checksum is safe according 
to all known virus checkers.

That checksum matches the one for the online installer that I just 
downloaded and it, the SHA1 checksum and the MD5 checksum match those 
reported for the file on multiple web sites.

These are all the checksums that I have obtained for the file:

david at dhcppc4:~/Downloads$ md5sum pidgin-2.10.12.exe
61f72dcff918bbbcd85476eea356c325  pidgin-2.10.12.exe

david at dhcppc4:~/Downloads$ shasum pidgin-2.10.12.exe
1112b1ec1c6145d6b416b492b6c203219bed6deb pidgin-2.10.12.exe

david at dhcppc4:~/Downloads$ sha256sum pidgin-2.10.12.exe

david at dhcppc4:~/Downloads$ sha512sum pidgin-2.10.12.exe

Also note that this error doesn't happen until you have completely 
downloaded the file, as the signature is applied to the whole file and 
cannot be computed until the download is complete.

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