Can't download Pidgin for Windows

David Woolley forums at
Sat Apr 9 12:31:46 EDT 2016

On 09/04/16 15:03, Knut Storvik wrote:
> How do I add a "Me too" as you said?
> Sorry to ask, but I am not familiar with the ticket system.

I'm not sure that I have an account for this tracker, but Register and 
Login (top line) and you should get options to allow you to add a comment.
> When will you remedy the certificate hashing algorithm problem?
> Even if people ignore it, it is a serious security flaw on your behalf.

As long as you only download from sourceforge, it is only a minor risk. 
  In fact, by flatly rejecting the signature, Smartscreen is increasing 
the risk by not allowing the use of the level of protection that even 
SHA1 will provide.  With its current behaviour smartscreen looks like it 
is only suitable for use in environments where ignoring a security 
warning is a sacking offence.

Most virus checkers should also check the sumcheck of the file against 
known safe files, as well.

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