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David Woolley forums at
Mon Apr 11 05:22:22 EDT 2016

On 11/04/16 09:54, Marius Diaconescu wrote:
> Hello Support,

There is no support team on this email address.  It is the peer support 
public mailing list for the Pidgin open source client.  Pidgin has no 
permanent staff that could provide such a service.

> Please help me reset my password for the account registered with this
> e-mail address.

The only thing that pidgin operates with a password is the bug tracker. 
  They do not operate any instant messaging services.

Normally, when the list gets questions from Oracle people they actually 
relate to an IM server, which we suspect is an XMPP one (but we have no 
specific knowledge of it), operated by some part of Oracle's internal 
services operation, and you should direct your question there.  If it is 
a third party service, you should direct the questions to the operators 
of that service.

If this is an internal server, please explain why you asked in the wrong 
place, point out that it gives the impression that Oracle is a computer 
illiterate company and suggest they make sure that anyone they ask to 
use Pidgin uses the right support contact in future.

We have been told that the internal Oracle resource 
<> provides correct 
information on the use of Pidgin in Oracle, but we have no access to 
that document to confirm it.

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