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R N rickn1035 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 14 10:24:19 EDT 2016

Iam unable to log into my pidgin account after using a public wifi at a localhospital – see the below message: rickn1035– disabledAccountlocked: You have been logging in too frequently.  Wait a few minutes before trying to connectagain.  Logging into the Yahoo websitemay help. Ihave no issue logging into my Yahoo Instant Message account from withinthe Yahoo browser.  I have no issue with logging intomy Yahoo Instant Message account from my Windows 7 Notebook using the YIMprogram.   WhenI open Pidgin I am unable to re-enable my Yahoo account.  I have tried deleting my YIM account fromPidgin and creating a new account – no luck. If ever when as far as deleting the Pidgin program from Windows 7,reinstalling a fresh copy of the program and still no luck logging into my “rickn1035”YIM account. HELP!! Thanksmuch! Rick
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