pidgin had multiple statuses

David Woolley forums at
Thu Feb 18 02:58:56 EST 2016

On 17/02/16 17:49, Elizabeth Westbrook wrote:
> There has been a couple issues when people are not logged in it says
> they are and when they are logged in it will show them with more then
> one status. On mine it will show me as away when i am not even logged
> in. I went and logged out of everything that i can think of that i was
> logged in under the account i use at work and it still is messing up.
> Below is an example of the statuses that it shows for one of the employees.

If you are not logged into a service, it is the service not the client 
that decides your status (Pidgin is only a client).

You have not told us what the service is.

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