the certificate cannot be confirmed

David Woolley forums at
Thu Feb 18 16:21:15 EST 2016

On 18/02/16 09:12, Ирина Козлова wrote:
> Whenthe user logs in Pidgin (inclusion), eJabber2 gives that the
> certificate cannot be confirmed. The validity of the certificate has
> expired 16.02.2016 and can no longer be considered valid. Function
> disable certificate validation using Pidgin not. How to solve this problem?

That's server configuration problem not a pidgin problem.  Any client 
that does not produce an error is insecure.

I can't find an ejabber2; do you mean ejabberd?

Certificates guarantee that you are really talking to the sever, but 
they are time limited.  The ones on your server ran out on the 16th and 
need renewing.  This is something that should only be done by someone 
who wouldn't need to ask this question, as using security mechanisms 
without understanding how they work is one of the main ways in which 
security is breached (most of the WW 2 Enigma breaches were due to 
operators not using the machines properly).

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