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Mon Apr 3 02:43:35 EDT 2017

On Thu, Feb 09, Olaf Hering wrote:

> There are various howtos on the Freenode website about automatically
> identify with NickServ during connect. However, pidgin is missing.
> Its not obvious how one would actually do that automation with pidgin.
> Does anyone know how to do that, so their website can be updated to
> cover also pidgin?

As of now there are still no pidgin specific instructions in freenodes

What seems to work for me, with 2.12.0:
- enable the plugin
- in the account settings for FreeNode, advanced tab:
  port: 6697
  enable SSL
  disable SASL (extra work needed for it)
  auth name: nickname used for NickServ
  nick password: nickpassword used for NickServ
  enable "Disconnect Ghosts"
  auto-join channels: #chanA, #chanB
- in the global settings for auto-join chats:
  channel: #chanA
  Group: Chats
  disable auto-join during connect
  enable "remain in channel if window is closed"

There is a race in the auto-join feature. IF the global one is used
channel join will happen before or while NickServ identification is
still in progress. Therefore each channel has to be configured in two

This race may be avoided with the usage of SASL. But its unclear how to
configure it, due to lack of pidgin specific instructions at


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