Can't login to Facebook due to "ERROR_QUEUE_OVERFLOW"

dequis dx at
Tue Apr 4 17:03:32 EDT 2017

Verify the version you're using in buddy list -> help menu -> plugin
information. If it doesn't start with 0.9.3 or 2017[...] it's the
wrong one.

Ensure you don't have any copies of the dll in the same directory.

If you can't find anything old and it still doesn't work, you can
always uninstall pidgin, remove all remaining files in its program
files folders, and then install pidgin and the plugin again.

On 4 April 2017 at 17:50, K.N. Theriault <anironbutterfly at> wrote:
> I'm logging in with the correct email and password, I get the following
> error (even after updating to the latest DLLs from Dequis's Github (showing
> a 'modfication' date of 04.04.17).
> This has been going on for roughly 10-14 days now.
> Does anyone have any advice? I'm using Windows 10 Home, latest updates.
> Avira A/V if that is helpful. I can supply more technical details if needed.
> Best regards,
> Kat Theriault
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